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Vancouver 2010 Selection Race Weekend - Leon Spiller

Leon Spiller surveying the course for the special Vancouver Selection Race

[Editors Note - Some unofficial time trials will be held at Falls Creek on the weekend, any other information on this page has dubious factual content.]

Vancouver 2010 Selection Race Weekend

During the 2006 Australian winter season, I have been noticing the fierce competitiveness in the senior mens field. There is no doubt that a competitive field is what a country needs to step up in international competition, but I'm begining to be concerned that some athletes are being pushed to a stage that they will do anything to win, no matter what the costs.

This became clear to me after I was tripped whilst in the sprint finish of the national 30km, and when I was cut in on during the final corner of the final in the classic sprint. I dont want to name names... but both athletes are brothers and are probably doping. There is also speculation that Nick Grimmer may have cut off more than half the course to catch the skier in front during the 15km classic held last weekend. After all it is a well known fact that Grimmer does not ski under 10% in any distance race.

Other rumours include David Hunt using diuretics to loose weight, Ben Derrick doing secret night training at 3 am, Finn Marsland has found a loophole to keep me out of the national team, Paul Murray doesn't have a back injury... he's just really really tired, and Tim Retchford uses Oil of Olay to keep him looking younger.

I should also mention that Duane Butcher and Ronan Magarahan are also doping, we just turn a blind eye as we need them to finish the race and make up the numbers.

So to save Australia's sporting reputation, I have contacted the AOC and they have agreed to bring the 2010 Olympic selection forward to this weekend. This should put everyones mind at rest, and cease the backstubbing hatred of athletes clawing for positions on the team.

Saturday August 12:
Distance: 10km
Technique: Skate
Time: Meet at Windy Corner at 8:30am
Format: Mass start
Course: TBA

Sunday August 13
Distance: 10km
Technique: Classic
Time: Meet at Windy Corner at 8:00am
Format: Mass start
Course: TBA


The winner of the skate plus the winner of the classic race will take up the two availiable positions on the team. If one athlete wins both, the person who comes 4th on the Sunday will be chosen.

If any of the competing athletes calls shananigans, all results are void and the team will be chosen based on weight.

Good luck everyone.... and Finn can you please forward this on to the other athletes I dont feel are important enough to have in my contacts.


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