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Canada Report #3 - Chloe McConville

Chloe and her partners in crime

From Christmas to New Year, January 10, 2006

Mmmm… where should I start…its been a while since a report has been written and I'll take responsibility for that, however I would also like to blame the gastro epidemic for claiming the innocent life (well almost) of my partner in crime, Jacinta which who I was meant to be writing this with. And right now, she has found that once again bed is a better option, thank god this time only due to the 25cm of fresh powder we got overnight. So much to my disgust, this is going to have to be a solo mission.

I'll begin from a couple of days before our very white Christmas, everyone in the house, especially Julz and Georgia, were far from being as quite as a mouse. People prepared for the family Kris Kringle with sneaky little trips into the village, foiling others plans, and causing the lolly shop to increase their fudge production ten fold. Some even ventured down to Vernon to see what the big smoke provided, however this proved to be a little ineffective for some who ended up shopping with the person they were meant to be buying for i.e Cint and I. Christmas morning finally rolled around and it was present time!! Yay!! The Christmas tree by this stage was looking pretty well stocked and everyone was keen as mustard to see what Santa had bought them. So there we sat as a large family in the living room, opening presents for a good hour.

After the present opening and the Christmas morning pancakes, it was time to ensure that the awesome blue bird day was not going to waste. So we all put on our skating skis to hit up the downhill slopes for a few awesome hours of tele skiing. It was an incredible morning with some equally good stacks to provide a bit of entertainment, Finn easily topping the list. Christmas arvo was spent filling up our bellies with some amazingly good cuisine at the George's house. I think the majority of the team left the house weighing at least 3kilos more and with the top button of their jeans undone. Thanks so much to Martin, Lisa, Eric and Morgan for letting a bunch of hungry athletes into their home to eat most of their food.

After Christmas as all of us know comes Boxing Day, but to add to this it was also d'Arcy's 17th birthday. Some more left overs from Christmas dinner, a cake later and again all of us where truly feeling like we had consumed the legal limit of Christmas spirit in the weight of food. However for some this excess consumption was counter balanced by the violent gastro epidemic that swept through half of the team.

Jacinta and Simon were the first victims, going down extremely hard on boxing day night. (that doesn't make sense but somehow does!!) Both were confined to a quarantine room in Snowbow as the rest of us moved all of our stuff to The Pinnicles where we were staying for the next week. Some say this was a ploy to get out of work, others who witnessed the illness first hand denied these claims. After the first two members were struck down so hard, the team entered a state of panic and paranoia. Hand sanitizer was being used so quickly that most were convinced that I was drinking it straight from the bottle just because it was 95% alcohol. If I was, it certainly worked because I was a lucky one who didn't get sick. Over the next 3 days the quarantine room was the room that we had booked at The Bulldog and the owners must have been getting suspicious as the occupants kept changing as more team members fell ill, or at the least felt a little queasy. Those of us who were lucky enough not to get sick were not too keen to have the diseased re-enter our apartment, however when all but one laptop had ended up in the quarantine room, things were getting desperate.

By the time New Years Eve came everyone was feeling pretty good, well good enough to hit up the town. The evening started with the fireworks which were pretty spectacular at around 8 o'clock, this was followed closely by the excitement of meeting Neil's hot date. After this the team split up to pursue different activities, Cal and Julz gave the ski patrollers a hard time by tobogganing on garbage bags down the ski runs in the dark, Others piked before midnight, while Finn, Esther, Nick, Cint, Eric (Esther's host brother) and I allowed ourselves to have a great night on the town in Silverstar. Enough said… however Finn has proven himself to be quite a good snowboarding tobogganist. Or was that a toboggan snowboarder?

Recovery on the first day of '07 was nicely predicted with an LSD skate and the rest of the day was spent packing our bags preparing ourselves for the 7hr drive that was ahead of us the next day going to Rossland for the NORAM races.

At this point I'm going to handball the report writing over to someone else as I believe I have fulfilled my duties... the next report has big shoes to fill… or not.


Chloe ripping up the Silver Star powder on her skate skis

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