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Australian Cross Country Skiing Teams 2009/2010

Teams are selected according to the SAXC selection policy.

2009 National Rankings

2010 Olympic Squad

Ben Sim, NSW*
Paul Murray, VIC*
Mark van der Ploeg, VIC*
Callum Watson, NSW
Nick Grimmer, VIC*

Esther Bottomley, VIC*
Aimee Watson, NSW

World Cup Team

Ben Sim, NSW
Paul Murray, VIC
Chris Darlington, NSW

Esther Bottomley, VIC
Aimee Watson, NSW

Continental Cup Team

Mark van der Ploeg, VIC
Nick Grimmer, VIC
Mark Raymond, VIC
Callum Watson, NSW
Ewan Watson, NSW
Alex Almoukov, NSW

Clare-Louise Brumley, VIC
Lucy Glanville, NSW

National Squad

Belinda Phillips, VIC
Lescinska Fackerell, VIC
Georgia Merritt, VIC
d'Arcy Baxter, NSW

Australian Junior A-Team

Alex Almoukov, NSW
Phillip Bellingham, VIC

Lucy Glanville, NSW
Ashleigh Spittle, VIC
Gabriella Cigana, NSW

Australian Junior Team

Robert Jones, VIC
Jackson Bursill, NSW (U16)
Alasdair Tutt, VIC (U16)

Juliette Booth VIC
Imogen Blanch, VIC
Laura Bull, NSW (U16)
Siobhan Jones, NSW
Aislinn Kildea**, VIC

** Subject to recovery from injury
(U16) - Selected according to U16 criteria. Note that Glanville, Spittle and Cigana
are also U16 athletes however they were selected according to the U20 criteria.

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