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Australian Cross Country Skiing Teams 2004/2005

2004 National Rankings

World Cup Team

Ben Derrick, VIC
Ben Sim, NSW
Paul Murray, VIC

Claire-Louise Brumley, VIC
Katherine Calder, ACT
Esther Bottomley, VIC

Continental Cup Team

Chris Darlington, NSW
Mark Raymond, VIC
Andrew Wynd, VIC
Nick Grimmer, ACT

National Squad

Andrew Mock, VIC
Tim Retchford, VIC

National Junior Team

Ben Sim, NSW
Ian Bottomley, VIC
Mark van der Ploeg, VIC
Evan van der Ploeg, VIC
Neil van der Ploeg, VIC
Ewan Watson, NSW
Simon Flower, VIC (U16)
Callum Watson, NSW (U16)

Aimee Watson, NSW
Sally Cunningham, ACT
Chloe McConville, VIC
d'Arcy Baxter, NSW (U16)
Jaffa Withers, VIC (U16)

Updated October 2004
(Note that it is possible to qualify for and move up through the teams during the northern hemisphere winter)

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