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Technical Delegates (TDs)

What is a TD and how do you get to be one?

A Technical Delegate is someone with a FIS (International Ski Federation) qualification to oversee cross country ski races. Qualifications are received after attending course and completing practical and theoretical exams. Courses were run in Australia in 1994 and 1995 by Brian Keeble, who received his qualification overseas.

Duties of a TD.

  1. To certify that races are run according to international (FIS) rules
  2. To convene and chair a jury for the race
  3. To provide advice to the race organisers
  4. To prepare written reports in a set format about the race

What races in Australia have TDs?

TDs were appointed to all category 1 and 2 races in 1998 - this means National and State senior and junior championships and the Kangaroo Hoppet. In addition some TDs took up invitations for some other races.

The TD coordinator.

The current TD coordinator is Rae Moore. Rae maintains the records of qualified TDs, invites interest for the appointment of TDs to race for the season, and arranges a schedule. Those accepting a duty receive paper work and return it completed after races Some of these reports are forwarded to FIS overseas and copies are files. Issues that arise durin the season may be reported to the coordinator

How much does it cost to have a TD at a race?

TDs are entitled to recompense for out of pocket expenses, that is travel, accommodation and incidentals. Clubs may reduce incidentals by providing accommodation etc. Although some TDs either have limited expenses or do not claim the full out of pocket costs, this should not be taken as standard practise nor influence the choice of TD.

*** Call for more TDs ***

Although 18 TDs currently exist in Australia, less than half were available for duty in 1998 owing to geographical or work situations. More people need to qualify and this means running more courses in Australia. In addition, current TDs will need to update their qualifications. Races and race organisers benefit from the use of TDs. Further level 1 courses are planned for winter 1999 in preparation for the FIS Congress in 2000 in Melbourne when additional courses should be possible with qualified persons from FIS.


Any person interested in doing the level 1 course in 1999 should register with Rae Moore (details below). Information will be posted in 1999 with advice of venue, timing, and costs.

Rae Moore
93 McCulloughs Rd, Neerim East
Victoria 3831
ph/fax 03 5628 1279

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