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October 17 - Updated Ranking Lists
October 1 - National Rankings & Provisional Teams
Teams Updated October 13!

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Spring 2009 Updates

October 17 - Updated Ranking Lists

Due to an oversight one of the junior sprint selection races was not included in the original published rankings. The corrected rankings are now up on the site. It should also be noted that some changes have been made to the orginally published Provisional National Teams.

There have been some emails to the editor regarding discrepancies between the ranking lists and the published teams. To clarify the matter the following points should be noted:
- Two results were used for the sprint rankings this season however only one sprint result was required for selection purposes.
- Junior selection is taken from the percentages behind the first junior who will still be a junior next year. However the ranking lists include these junior skiers in their final year. This explains why a skier can be ranked #1 junior but not be selected in the junior team for the next year.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Any questions regarding rankings and selection can be directed to the cross country High Performance Manager Finn Marsland on finn.marsland @ gmail.com

October 1 - National Rankings and Provisional National Teams

The 200 9 Australian National Rankings are calculated from the percentage behind the winner in each of the national selection races. Both the distance and sprint rankings are an average of the best two results from the nominated races.

Distance Ranking

Sprint Ranking

Provisional National Teams for 2009-2010 have also been posted, based on the rankings and FIS points from last year. The official National Teams will be finalised after invitations have been sent out to all the athletes.

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