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October 6 - KT Calder in the running for $50,000
November 24 - Spring Over - Winter Starts Again!

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Help KT Calder To Win $50,000
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Spring 2004 Updates

November 24 - Spring Over - Winter Starts Again!

Apologies to all regular readers for a month and a half with no updates. Everything has been in full swing in preparation for the northern hemisphere winter, which is already underway! The first cross country skiing World Cup was held back on October 23 in Dusseldorf in Germany. Ben Sim was to open the Australian account last weekend in Sweden, however after some transport difficulties he should be set to go this coming Saturday in the 15km freestyle World Cup in Kuusamo in Finland.

Other Australian skiers are also in Europe training and getting psyched up for the coming race season: Paul Murray and Leon Spiller are in Sweden; Duane Butcher and Mark Raymond are in Norway; and Tim Retchford, KT Calder and Esther Bottomley are in Switzerland. Duane Butcher has even raced already, in a FIS sprint in Beitostolen on November 12.

So what did happen in Spring anyway? Apparently Dan van der Ploeg won the Mitta to Mt Beauty Mt Bike race and Leon Spiller cleaned up the Alpine Challenge. There were a few telemarking trips up Mt Bogong and on the main range. Probably other things happened too. But this is the end of Spring News for 2004. Team reports and other skiing news over the next 4-5 months will be posted (hopefully regularly) in the 2004-2005 Team Reports section. A happy summer in Australia for all those back in the heat and good luck to everyone heading to Europe! OK Wyndy, also to those heading to North America.

October 6 - KT Calder in the running for $50,000

Australian XC Ski Team member KT Calder has made the final 6 for the 2004 Nescafe Big Break . Each year this competition gives away cash grants to people aged between 16 and 24, who have a dream or idea and need some financial support to make it a reality. KT's goal is to represent Australia at the Winter Olympics in 2006 and 2010, and as first step on that path she has qualified along with 5 other team members for the 2006 World Championships in Germany. Voting opened on October 4 to determine which of the 6 finalists gets $50,000. That sounds like a lot of money (and it is), but to put things in perspective it normally costs each member of the team up to $10,000 - $15,000 per year to train and compete overseas. If KT is successful she will be able to focus only on training and competing for a change instead of stressing about how to get money to get over to Europe and about saving every penny while over there.

As fantastic an opportunity as this is for Katie, it is also good promotion for cross country skiing in Australia. If you have the time to vote (preferably for Katie), go to www.nescafebigbreak.com.au and click on the Vote Now section. You can also vote by SMS by sending the name Katie to 1994 3355. You can vote once per week through both the website or by SMS. You can also win prizes and will go into a draw to win $5,000.