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Australian Team Selections 97/98

Australian Ski Institute
World Cup Team / Olympic Squad

Anthony Evans
Paul Gray
Finn Marsland
(ASI selection based on qualification to World Cup)

Skiing Australia
Senior Squad

Anthony Evans
Paul Gray
Finn Marsland
Ben Derrick
Myfanwy Cross
Jessica Hart
Camille Melvey
Paul Murray
Matthew Murtagh
Michal Trnka

Skiing Australia
Junior Squad

Jim Miles
Michael Brennan
David College
Andrew Johnstone
Peter Murphy
Leon Spiller
Michael Evans
Natasha Coleman


Senior Development Squad

Belinda Phillips
Amy Hunt


Junior Development Squad

Katie Calder
Christie Dowling
Alena Sarri
Kate Spiller
Linton Keogh
Bree Lambert
Andrew Mock
Daniel Sarri
Roland Trease
Joanna Vanzella
Ronan Magaharan
Duane Butcher
Alison McArdle


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