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What has been going on?
May 22, 1998

This is a question on many peoples minds at the moment - or rather, what is going on. Why hasn't there been any updates, what is happening with the ASI cross country skiing program, what is the AIWS and how do you pronounce it, what happened to the SAXC April Squad camp, is there any truth to those vicious rumors about Ben Derrick taking a day off from training.

For those who have read Australian XC News (subscribe, subscribe) at least there has been some news about the goings on over the summer. Apologies to all who have looked into the XC Files in the last month and a month to see that nothing has changed. Technical difficulties resulting from a editorial move to Canberra has meant that no new material could go up until a couple of days ago.

There are still many questions that will remain unanswered for a month or so yet. Here are a few short explanations that may shine some light on various subjects.

Australian Institute of Winter Sport

On July 1st, the Australian Ski Institute will be no longer. It is being taken over by/transforming into the Australian Institute of Winter Sports. Basically the AIWS will take on winter sports other than skiing disciplines, and some technical relationships between the new organisation and Skiing Australia will change. Many facets of the ASI will remain the same under the new organisation - full ramifications will not be clear until after the launch of the AIWS. Skiing Australia is working to ensure that the skiing disciplines benefit from the upheaval.

AIWS Cross Country Program

Again, details of the AIWS cross country program will not be finalised until after July 1st. It unlikely that the cross country budget will be reduced - it may be that more funds will be accessable due to new corporate sponsors of the AIWS.

At present, Christer Skog has not signed a new contract as Program Director for the cross country program. Both he and the ASI are still negotiating program details. There is a rumor that he will be leaving to take up a position with the USA ski team. This is still unconfirmed, despite news to the contrary on the XCSkiworld Website. The latest news will be posted on this site as soon as anything is finalised.

SAXC Squad programs

Due to the delay in the reappointment of the ASI/AIWS program director, the April Testing camp at the AIS was cancelled. Tim Greville is currently working to put in place a substitute camp in early July. Squad members will be contacted regarding camp details.

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