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2002 Masters World Cup
Quebec, Canada - February 20 - March 2, 2002

Report by Jannette Hamilton
Report from 2001 Masters World Cup
Report from 1999 Masters World Cup

The Masters World Cup 2002 was held in Quebec, Canada, from February 20 to March 2. There were about 800 competitors from 25 Nations. The races were held at the Centre Miriam Bedard at the Valcartier Military Base, 45 minutes by bus from Quebec City. The bus service was efficient and ran to a constant timetable. The waxing rooms were excellent - in individual heated rooms in a block shared with 3 other nations - Great Britain, South Africa and the Netherlands, all of whom the Australians are friends with from previous events. There were waxing benches and good security when racing. This facility was a great improvement from previous events where all racers share 1 large tent and where security of items is a worry when racing.

All competitors were accommodated in Quebec City, so to train it was necessary to take the 45 minute ride out the the stadium. Tracks were available in the city in Parks such as The Plains of Abraham, but were flat. Quebec City was picturesque, covered in snow, with the castle designed Hotel Frontenac and surrounding buildings of the old city a tourist delight.

Bill Hamilton was the only Australian competitor this year. The tracks suited the Age Groupers in the shorter course (over 70 yrs). Bill said it was easy apart from the being hilly in the first 5km. The balance was undulating around a golf course, the final approach to the finish up a long gradual hill making the course indeed very fast. The tracks were first class - as good as any past Masters competition, if not better, and that combined with a picturesque course, light snow falling and mild temperatures around -5 degrees, could not have asked for better conditions. In all it was great fun, fast and furious and no slog. All the old familiar faces were there.

Bill's results - 70-74 yrs class:




15km Freestyle



10km Freestyle



20km Freestyle



Masters World Cup is open to all skiers over 30 years, who are not members of our National Team. Each racer may enter 3 races over the 8 days with the distance and technique determined by Age Group. There are also relays in each Age Group with 4 to a team, if Australia has enough racers to enter. Entry Fee is 160 Euro which includes the Opening Party and Closing Banquet, free use of tracks at all times and free shuttle buses to the stadium.

All information about the World Masters Cross Country Ski Association is on the website - www.world-masters-xc-skiing.ch

Future Masters Locations and Dates:

2003 - Seefeld, Tirol, Austria. Organised by SC Monte Kaolino Hirschau/Germany. January 30 - February 8, 2003. Many Austrailans have trained or competed in picturesque Seefeld, i.e. World Championships 1985 or Masters World Cup 1988. The course will be on the Olympic Course and if lack of snow will be moved to Wildmoos. Most accommodation is within walking distance of the stadium and the train from Innsbruck takes 30min to the rail station in the center of Seefeld. Bjorn Daehlie will be Patron. Thomas Heckmann is President of the Organising Committee. I have available now brochures about Seefeld and accommodation together with Entry Forms. Entry Deadline is Jan.6, 2003, however it is advisable to enter in December direct with the Organising Committee. A copy of entry must be sent to the National Director for checking and endorsement. (To janettehamilton2000@yahoo.com.au)

2004 - Lillehamer, Norway. Will be the 10th Anniversery of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. The Birkebeineren Ski Stadium is located 450meters above sea level and 5km from the center of Lillehammer. Snow conditions are very stable throughout the whole winter season. Haakons Hall is the planned venue for receptions, medal and closing ceremonies. The Olympic Museum is also situated there. lellehammer is situated 2.5 hours from Oslo and less then 2 hours from Gardermoen Airport. During the daytime, trains leave Gardermoen every hour.

I will be attending the Annual Meeting of the World Masters in Lillehammer in September and will have further brochures available on my return. www.mwc2004.com.

At the Quebec Meeting there were bids to stage the 2005 Masters World Cup from McCall, Idaho, USA and Krasnogorsk, Russia. The National Directors voted for Russia, but it was agreed that each presentation was of the highest standard and McCall, Idaho will probably be given an opportunity to be host when the USA next comes around.

2005 - Krasnogorsk, Russia. Is 20 mins from the center of Moscow. The site has been visited by the President and Technical Director of the World Masters. Accommodation is sufficient. A new hotel will be built by 2005. A shuttle bus will be provided and the ski stadium is within easy walking distance from the hotels. The dates are February 17 to 27 2005. Visas are easy to obtain - should only take 3 weeks through the Embassy. Krasnogorsk tracks are at an elevation of 180m above sea level, the average day temperature in February is - 8 degrees. Average snowfall is 47cm.

2006 - Brusson, Italy.

For further information please contact...
Janette Hamilton
National Director - World Masters
13 Minnamurra Road, Northbridge NSW 2063
ph 02 9958 7574
fax 02 9232 6166

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