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The XC Files are an attempt to improve the flow of information to cross country skiers in Australia. Lets face it, the chances of reading a cross country race result in a newspaper or "skiing" magazine are pretty minimal. The only thing that'll provide you with an update is the Australian Cross Country News, and that only comes out three times per year. What if you want to know about Australian team selection policies; the National rankings; Jessica Hart's strength and speed program; VO2 max scores from the AIS; Mark Gray's Talent ID project; and Tom Landon Smith's awesome sprint in the Perisher Cup. And what if you want to know things as soon as they happen; Anthony Evans gaining Australia's first ever World Cup points; the latest World Cup winners ; how a Norwegian was caught blood doping (note: this has not happened, this is purely a scandalous hypothetical example); Michael Brennan blowing out his knee; and Falls Creek getting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Okay, we might just make headlines with that last one.

Maybe all this information is not on here yet, and maybe the whole concept will fall flat in 6 months time because the information flow dries up, but what do they say: If you can't hold your breath, get out of the wax room. No no, they say many hands are worth a ski in the bush. No, that's not it, they say if you want to get anything done, ask a lazy person. Or something like that, anyhow what the heck, it's worth a shot.

If there's anything you want to find out about, send in a request. Who knows what the chances are of getting Julia Tchepalova's telephone number, or Matt Murtagh's little brown book (hey, maybe one has the other), but feel free to ask away anyway.

XC is the official website of the Skiing Australia Cross Country Committee. It is produced with the assistance of the Australian Sports Commission and the Kangaroo Hoppet. The editor can be contacted via hoppet@netc.net.au.