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Congress '98

The National Cross Country Skiing Congress will be held at the Howman's Gap Alpine Centre on 7 and 8 November 1998. The two day workshop provides an opportunity for the cross country community and the key sporting and sking stakeholders to get together to discuss the management and organisation of cross country skiing in Australia.

Howman's Gap is located 4km from Falls Creek, adjacent to the resort entry station.

The specific objectives of the Congress are to:

Other very important objectives are to:

All cross country skiers and those involved with cross country skiing are invited to register and attend.

The following groups and organisations are being specifically invited to attend the Congress: National and State skiing and cross country bodies, cross country skiers - elite, developing and recreational, clubs active in supporting skiing, resort management, National Parks and Wildlife Service, government funding agencies, sports institutes (NSWIS, VIS, AIS, AIWS), ski industry and ski officials.

Congress Registration is $100, which includes accommodation Friday and Saturday night, and meals Saturday breakfast to Sunday lunch.

Registration without accommodation is $50, which includes Saturday and Sunday lunch and the Congress dinner.

Enquiries about the congress should be directed to:

Tony Greville
tel 02 6244 1145 (w), 02 6266 2030 (h), 0418 412 460

Andrew Slocombe
aslocombe@skiingaustralia .org.au
tel 03 9650 8666 (w)
fax 03 9650 8737 (w)

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