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The XC TOWARDS 2010 project is an initiative of the Skiing Australia Cross Country Committee in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA), Snowsports NSW, Snowsports ACT and the Victorian Snowsports Association. The main aim of XC TOWARDS 2010 is to raise funds to help cover the expenses of Australia's top cross country skiers competing in major international competitions.

Current support from Ski & Snowboard Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee keeps our Cross Country Skiing High Performance program running at a basic level. The recent addition of the Falls Creek Alpine Resort as our major program partner has greatly assisted our ability to provide support staff for major competition such as World Cup, World Championships, and World Junior Championships, however the athletes still have to pay the majority of their international competition expenses. Depending on the location and number of competitions they compete in this can be up to $10,000-$15,000 annually for each athlete. Accommodation alone for World Cup competition is usually $100 per day, let along the travel costs to get there and training costs beforehand. All money raised through the XC TOWARDS 2010 project will go towards reducing athlete expenses.


The goals of the High Performance progam and the XC TOWARDS 2010 project include

  • To enable athletes to train at a professional level;
  • To provide opportunities to compete in all the major international competitions;
  • To ensure that cross country skiers are in the Australian Winter Olympic Team for Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010 and beyond;
  • To achieve international results that no Australian Cross Country skiers have ever achieved before in World Cup, World Championships and Winter Olympics Games;
  • To ultimately produce medal winners in these competitions.


Three Australian cross country skiers qualified for and competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Clare-Louise Brumley, Esther Bottomley, and Paul Murray did Australia proud, and achieved some of Australia's best ever World Cup results on their way to Torino. Now we are looking at 2010; the goal is not just to compete there but to far surpass Australia's previous best Winter Olympic cross country results. We will only know what is possible when we do it. The next group of junior skiers is also on their way through - in 2007 we will send teams to the World Junior Championships and U23 Championships in Italy, as well as the World Championships in Japan.


How the XC TOWARDS 2010 Campaign works
XC Towards 2010 is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) through the Ski & Snowboard Australia Sport Development Program. Unconditional donations of $2 or more to the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible* and donors may indicate the Ski & Snowboard Australia Sport Development Program - XC Towards 2010 Campaign as their preferred beneficiary. All Australian Sports Foundation grants received will be used to support the Ski & Snowboard Australia Cross Country International Program.

* All claims are subject to being accepted by the Tax Commissioner.
Note: Relatives of benefiting National team members are not eligible to contribute.

The Patron of XC TOWARDS 2010 is Carl Melvey. Carl is well known throughout the skiing industry having filled many official positions with Ski and Snowboard Australia and the NSW Ski Association and has made many significant contributions to the sport of skiing over 20 years.

The Donation Form can be downloaded from this website, or to have a form sent to you or for more information please contact PeterWard or Leslie Ludwig via the contact details below:


"XC Towards 2010"
PO Box 107
Jindabyne NSW 2627
Tel: (02) 6457 1161
Fax: (02) 6457 1162
e-mail: wardp @snowy.net.au

Donation Forms
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In PDF Format (form only)

 The Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) was established by the Australian Government to assist organisations to raise funds through public & corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. Pursuant to the ASF's listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) (div 30, S 30-90), donations of $2 or more to the ASF are tax deductible.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however the ASF's structure makes it possible for you to indicate a registered project as the preferred beneficiary of your gift. Ski & Snowboard Australia Sport Development Program 980110, is an approved project.

All claims are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation. If either an individual or business is uncertain of their position they should seek their own professional advice.

Australian Sports Foundation
ABN 27 008 613 858
Leverrier Crescent Bruce, ACT 2617
P O Box 176 Belconnen ACT 2616
Tel (02) 6214 7868 Fax (02) 6214 7865
e-mail: info@asf.org.au Web: www.asf.org.au

The Final Words...
For Australian cross country skiers to make the next step increased experience and support at the highest levels of competition are essential. To provide these we need more financial resources. Preparing for and competing at World Cup and World Championships is expensive and involves living away from home for up to 3-4 months every year. Our athletes need to be able to train at a professional level without having to work part-time or even full-time to raise the money to compete internationally. Please be generous and assist with a donation to the ASF in support of the XC TOWARDS 2010 campaign.