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Australian Results 2006

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 Paddy Pallin Junior - July 2
Victorian Junior Championships - July 15/16
ACT Classic Championships - July 22
NSW Freestyle Championships - July 23
Victorian Sprint Championship - July 29
Australian 15/30km Championship - July 30
Charlotte's Pass Open - August 3 (Link to KAC site)
Australian Sprint Championship - August 5
Australian 10/15km Championship - August 6
KAC - August 9 (Link)
Sundeck Cup - August 10
NZ Snow Farm 10/15km Classic - August 10
Snowy Mountains Classic - August 12
NZ Snow Farm Sprint Freestyle - August 12
NZ Snow Farm 5/10km Freestyle - August 13
Australian 5/10km Freestyle - August 19
Australian 5/10km Classic - August 20
ASSSTC Cross Country Races - September 1


Special Events

Kangaroo Hoppet

Snowy Mountains Classic

Australia New Zealand Cup


Note: There may be a short delay between races and the publishing of results. For race organisers: if you would like your race results put up on the site, try sending them to marslandf @ compuserve.com.au as tab or space deliminated text files.

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