Press Release 12/08/2021: The Kangaroo Hoppet Planning Committee met earlier this week and made the decision not to proceed with the on snow event this year. Read More>



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This is a special event for young children carried, towed or aided by a parent or carer.

No placings are declared, but participation is recognised and applauded.

Name Surname AgeClass Time
Angus Chapman MU8 0:58:38.7
Mitchell Hunt MU8 1:21:14.2
Lucy McCluskey WU10 1:34:32.9
Archer McInnes MU8 0:47:25.1
Oliver McInnes MU8 0:47:25.9
Loki Sanders MU8 1:05:00.9
James Watts MU8 1:02:20.2
Mathilda Wilson WU8 0:32:57.0

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