Due to COVID-19 there was no normal Kangaroo Hoppet at Falls Creek in 2020 as the resort was closed down. Instead we ran the virtual Kangaroo Hoppet- “I did it my way”. 

The event was staged for two weeks between the 10th and 23rd August but due to wild blizzard conditions on the 22nd, the committee extended the date to include the following weekend and that allowed people from NSW to be able to ski their event if they chose to. You could choose what distance 7km, 21km, or 42km and what activity, as long as it was human powered. Melbourne people in stage 4 lockdown only had 1 hour at a time for physical activity outside the home, so another rule was made: You could do the event of your choice over several days!

Our final numbers were 1901 participants and 37 nations taking part. Previous record from the mid nineteen nineties was just over 1600 from 24 nations. In total there were 1,420 Australians, including 377 entries from the Upper Kiewa Valley and 481 international entries. 37 nationalities completing their activities in 40 countries including Antarctica. Countries with more than 20 participants – 123 USA citizens in 20 states, 66 Canadians, 46 Germans, 31 Finns, 28 UK, 28 New Zealand and 20 Swiss.

Past event winners from Norway, Germany and the USA also took part. Activities included running, walking, cycling, swimming, roller skiing, inline skating, paddling, canoeing, mountain biking, exercise machines, unicycles and a tricycle, and, for the limited number of Australians with the opportunity to xc ski at Perisher, Falls Creek and Dinner Plain.

A new group Facebook Page was set up, “Hoppet-do it your way” to help keep people connected and where you could post photos and experiences.

Extra publicity included inviting 10 XC ski celebretaries to participate and tell their story. The No 1 Bib went to — Marg Hayes (Mount Beauty). 

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