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The Course

The Lake loop was abandoned due to lack of snow. This meant the Heathy Spur loop had to be skied twice by Hoppet skiers and once by the Birkebeiners. Hoppet skiers after completing the first loop returned to the Nordic Bowl via the steep descent and ascent below the Wall then skied the Sun Valley loop once more before doing the Heathy Spur loop for a second time. Skiers had to cross the Dam Wall either by skiing across on the south bench or by taking their skis off and walking or running across the wall.

Weather & Snow Conditions

A poor snow season but weather and conditions were excellent on the day.





Technical Delegate (TD)

Rob Barrow (AUS-Vic)

Assistant TD

Rae Moore (AUS-Vic)


Winners & best placed Australians



Best Australian






Kangaroo Hoppet

Ben Sim (AUS)

Clare-Louise Brumley (AUS)

Ben Sim (1st)

Clare-Louise Brumley (1st)


Ben Koons (NZE)

Sally Cunningham (AUS)

Neil van der Ploeg (2nd)

Sally Cunningham (1st)

Joey Hoppet

Callum Watson (AUS)

Jaffa Withers (AUS)

Callum Watson (1st)

Jaffa Withers (1st)