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Click here to see a map of the course.

(Updated 15 Aug 2017)

The 7km Joey Hoppet course is a single anti-clockwise loop into Sun Valley.

The 21km Australian Birkebeiner is the  Sun Valley loop followed by the anti-clockwise Heathy Spur loop.

The 42km Kangaroo Hoppet course is a 24km lap consisting of the Sun Valley loop and the Heathy Spur loop with a diversion to the right at the Park drink station, followed by a second lap (18km) consists of another Sun Valley loop then the Langfords loop and return along the Two Pauls track. 

The course is subject to change due to prevailing snow and weather conditions.

Any changes to the course will be posted in Windy Corner Day Shelter, the Hoppet Shop in Mt Beauty and in the Nordic Bowl on race day.

Cut-off points and times

1.  Half way (24km) To ensure competitor safety, no-one will be allowed to continue past the 24km point after 12.20 pm (or 2:50 hours after start time if there is a delay). The cut-off point will be halfway down the finish chute. 

2. A second cut-off at 1.10 pm, or 4 hours after the start, will apply at the near side of the dam wall.

3. An additional cut-off may be imposed by the race jury beyond the dam wall on the second lap if it is determined that there is a risk to the health of the competitor and/or event officials/volunteers.

Any changes to the cut-off times and locations will be announced.

Skiers who miss a cut-off may be credited with a Birkebeiner time and certificate.


WARNING! Should snow conditions or weather require a change of course or start times, a map and details will be displayed in the Race Office in Mt Beauty and in Windy Corner Day Shelter, and an email or SMS will be sent to entrants.

Food stations are located at approximately 4km and 28km (Sun Valley), 9km & 34km (Watchbed Creek), 13-15km (The Park), 24km (half way station at the Hoppet start), and the Finish.

Food and drinks will include water, 32Gi, jelly beans, snakes, bananas, cherry bites, and buns for 21km and 42km skiers. 7km skiers have a choice of water, 32Gi, jellybeans and jelly snakes. You may wish to carry your own extra snacks and water.